Thursday, 22 October 2009

Do NOT say.................from Rico

Do NOT say I didn't tell you...that I haven't BEEN telling you, OK?
- The proverbial has hit the fan.
- Whatever hits the fan, will NOT be evenly distributed.

It's not just Federal taxes that have taken a nosedive, but State taxes (revenue collected) have kissed the mat, too! [In "real" = adjusted for inflation terms]

The inane ongoing media "recovery" debate (whether it is v-shaped, w-shaped, x-shaped, or double-dip) obscures the point...and misses the point.
- If you listen to it, you're a mug.

The near-vertical drop after AIG and Lehman failed has merely become an ongoing downward collapse.

This "living in reality" really sucks...I must get some of whatever the Media and Team Obama are smoking, toking, or taking to divert me from it. 'Shrooms are good they say. Maybe I'll ask Alice..... (with a nod to the old Jefferson Airplane).

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