Monday, 26 October 2009

(YOUR) Guns will kill you!..............from Rico

(Your) Guns will kill you!!!

It is a matter of grave consternation to our "progresives" that the +90 million gun owners in America are not already dead! They want to take away your guns in order to protect you from shooting yourselves, your family members, and possibly someone trying to break into your home or apartment.

For some odd reason, criminals seem to have paid insufficient attention to all the government warnings about the danger of guns, and rather insist upon using guns whenever possible in robberies and drug deals gone bad.

You must appreciate that our brave and fearless legislators and bureaucrats are quite exhausted from trying to pass laws against guns, regulating them, and generally getting between you and guns.

- All for your own good, of course. Sadly, you and I are too dumb to recognize this.

Seen at Government List of Things That Could Kill You


Unknown said...

That's why I sleep with a shotgun AND a baseball bat beside my bed.

The shotgun is for any uninvited "guests" while I'm sleeping. The baseball bat is in case the shotgun gets any wild ideas.

Come to think on it some, I should probably add a knife to the bedside arsenal. Baseball bats can kill a person too, dontchu know? I couldn't use the shotgun against the baseball bat, because then the shotgun would know I was defenseless and would turn on me for sure and for certain.

K said...

They want to take away your guns in order to protect you from shooting yourselves . .

No they don't. First off, gun "control" advocates are hoplophobes, they're afraid of weapons and armed citizens in the same way a lot of people still fear large men who dress up in women's cloths and go out.

The second reason is the same one that has led to the ban on smoking even in your own house. Second hand smoke has killed an insignificant number of people compared to say, drug allergies or medical mistakes or backyard pools for that matter. But if you point this out to anti-smoking advocates like I have, their reponse is always "So what, who wants to smell that stuff, anyway?".

Passing dozens of worthless laws which only harrass legit gun owners, "for the children", "to reduce crime", "to stop insane mass killers" is so much smoke and mirrors. The point is they personally don't like guns and they want them gone. And screw you if you disagree.