Monday 28 December 2009

Hopenchange be coming!................from Rico

Unbelievable! True!

Change? It's coming. Let me put it another way. It's already started.

This is the FIRST I've heard of this (gee, thanks a load lapdog MSM, and Obamunistas)!

The USG contract has already been awarded for the Department of Homeland Security to stockpile 200 million rounds of pistol ammo over the next five years.
- This can be tracked-back to 20 Aug 2009. I guess there was much more 'important' stuff for the Red Shed (former White House) and the Ministry of Truth (MSM) to tell us about and it 'slipped' their minds and they just kinda-sorta 'forget' to tell us about this unimportant little nugget (call it UBI; unimportant bit of information).

This is not 'practice' ammo for the range. These are man-stopper rounds! To be precise, and my fellow shooters will understand the significance of these ammo spec's:
.40cal, jacketed hollow-point.

Let me consider.

[This is the Agency headed by the nut-job wacko that issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies nation-wide that American veterans (especially combat veterans) were to be considered as dangerous potential terrorists.
- Not that DHS would 'profile' military-age muslim males, or other groups.]

Maybe they are planning to actually defend our borders and repel illegal immigrants and drug gangs, and other external/foreign threats? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Maybe they had some unspent 'stimuless' money laying around?
Snork-gasp-sneer-chortle! Sometimes I crack myself up!

How silly of me!

All seriousness aside:
WHAT are they anticipating? WHO do they think they might have to shoot with this much, and this type, of ammo? Veterans?

This reeks of the Chicago-style. Maybe they merely intend to pass this stuff to the 'New" Black Panthers and ACORN? For our own good, of course. Yeah. THAT makes sense if you're a Muslim Marxist acolyte of Saul Alinsky!

Attached is a picture of the future. This is CHANGE you had better believe in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oswald Bastable said...

Interesting how the military ain't allowed to use hollow point (and effective) ammo on the enemy- But 'Homeland security' Brownshirts can use this against their own citizens.

Keep your powder dry!

Unknown said...

For air marshal use inside an airplane? I thought Glaser safety rounds were a lot better for that purpose.