Friday, 18 December 2009

Running for selectman...

Today I got the nomination forms to run for Harpswell, ME selectman. The reason I am going to run is that the current batch (three) are clearly anti-business and seem to want to make sure there are no businesses left in Harpswell at all. As someone who frequents Harpswell business as often as I can, I find this sort of attitude incompatible with having a vibrant local community.

As the Maine state co-ordinator for the tea party patriots I am very keen on the core values of fiscal responsibility, limited government and the free market.

I look forward to meeting more citizens of Harpswell in my quest to give a business friendly voice to the governance of the town of Harpswell.

For any information on me please head to Elect the Dodge.


jon spencer said...

I would head for Elect the Dodge, but I am forbidden.

LifeoftheMind said...

The best of luck to you.

In the spirit of old fashioned hypocritical smear gutter politics from the Left you can now expect to have the privacy of your entire family on at least two continents destroyed. It would not surprise me to discover that they spread dark rumors about your affiliation with Theo's virtual spud farm and start accusing you of belonging to the Tea Totty Party.

You could counter by denying the rumor that hordes of glamour models will descend on Maine after your election. That should bring a smile to a few flinty old Down Easterners.