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STORMBRINGER makes linkup on the road somewhere deep in Amish country, Pennsylvania.

I made linkup with an old friend, my mentor actually; Sensei taught me the art & science of surgical explosive breaching operations . . . another lifetime ago, back in Okinawa. That's his totally customized '08 Springer Softail (I'm driving the Mustang) There's a LOT of horsepower in that baby! -eat your heart out Theo =D - STORMBRINGER SENDS

A Teachable Moment in Georgia

Wake Up, Black America

Union Thugs Attack Black Conservative

Cartoon Round Up....

Normal for Norfolk.....


Summer Totty......


Kaminski slander exposed...

Guido has confirmed what I suspected, that the attack pieces like this in the First Post were designed to damage Cameron. Friends of the Labour Party are trashing a leading Polish politician on the grounds of anti-semitism, fascism and other such leftie charges because Cameron left (the federast) EPP.

NB: Normally I blog at my blog but I can't access from where I am currently staying as the IP has been banned.

Swine Flu in the US......

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USS Independence-LCS 2

Something the Royal Navy can only dream about

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Things we don't have in Norfolk.....

Saturday Golf Article........and Caddies



Police recruit exam

A police recruit was asked during the exam, “What would you do if you had to arrest your mother?”
He answered, “Call for backup.”


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Getting to Heaven.............

Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama go to heaven.

God addresses Al first. ''Al, what do you believe in?''

Al replies: "Well, I believe that I won that election, but that it was your will that I did not serve. And I've come to understand that now.''

God thinks for a second and says: "Very good. Come and sit at my left.''

God then addresses Bill. "Bill, what do you believe in?''

Bill replies: "I believe in forgiveness. I've sinned, but I've never held a grudge against my fellow man, and I hope no grudges are held against me.''

God thinks for a second and says: "You are forgiven, my son. Come and sit at my right.''

Then God addresses Barack. "Barack, what do you believe in?''

He replies: "I believe you're in my chair."

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Here's Lookin' at You, Stupid!

Bill Maher: "Obama is a Prince; You are a Doody Head. Get over it and accept your fate."

Is Granny Toast under Obamacare?

Only if You're a Nazi

Nice people don't think mean Nazi thoughts. Like Nazi Republican troglydyte racists. Homophobes. Patriarchs.

"Their views were also sold by right-wing franchise operators. Laura Ingraham warned that government bureaucrats would “come to an old person’s house’’ - yeah, house calls! - for scary death chats. Randall Terry, the Zelig of the pro-life movement, said this was an attempt to 'kill Granny.'’’

Right-wing franchise operators, Ellen? Not Exactly Norman Rockwell's America, is it?

I live in a Democratic county. There's a definite chill these last few days. Nice Guy Obama is looking and smelling Chavez-esque. He's got Wal_Mart shopping Doody Heads worried -- Doody Heads with more intelligence than Maher.

If you're interested, I wrote my own Dear Obama letter. Vanderleun wrote one, too. "Thank You for Letting Me Share."

Does our President have a history with the "Devil's weed wherein lurks murder, insanity, death"? Vanderleun Has the Munchies.

Lynch Mob in St. Louis

Friday, 7 August 2009

Weird Al & Jib-Jab

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Bedtime Totty......

How do you think the squaddies feel Mr Brown

Standing in 10 Downing Street,
Talking to the press,
But he’s not out in Helmand,
He doesn’t see the mess.
How do you think the squaddies feel Mr Brown?
How do you think the squaddies feel?

“The army has enough resources,
We’re committed to the fight”,
“We’re behind our brave armed forces”.
Aye, we believe you. Right.
How do you think the squaddies feel Mr Brown?
How do you think the squaddies feel?

Expenses by the bucket load,
Billions for the banks,
Only 8 Chinooks in Helmand,
How does that look from the ranks?
How do you think the squaddies feel Mr Brown?
How do you think the squaddies feel?

It’s easy to say the weasel words,
“We’ll meet the Army’s needs”
But on patrol in Helmand,
It’s not spin we need, but deeds.
How do you think the squaddies feel Mr Brown?
How do you think the squaddies feel?

We’re sending you new vehicles,
Proof against the IED.
Fat lot of good they’ll do us,
Rusting dockside in Dubai.
How do you think the squaddies feel Mr Brown?
How do you think the squaddies feel?

But for all the spin and doublespeak,
For all your bluff and bluster,
The British squaddie will do HIS job,
You know that he’ll pass muster.
That’s the way the squaddies feel Mr Brown,
That’s the way they damn well feel.

Peej 2009

Tea Parties too well dressed...

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Lagwolf Mustang...

Cartoon Round Up....

The 1993 Interview Surfaces

Community Organizers Stifling Dissent


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Wow: Denise Milani - Trampoline

Video: Would ObamaCare Cover Sticker-Shock Treatment?

Blogging Spot of the Day....


Count me out.......from Rico

Remember, the First Comrade Obama is counting on YOU!

Counting on what?

That you continue to be:
- a schnook
- a mug
- a sucker

Count ME out!

Steven Crowder: California SUCKS!! (Schwarzenegger Calls In)

Red Friday Totty......

Early Morning Bedtime Totty.....


What are we looking at? What is remarkable in this photo? Find out at STORMBRINGER

Paranoid Yet?

That's the problem with Democratic thinking: it continually displaces blame onto a bogey -- any bogey will do, but special emphasis is placed on White Eurocentric Evil Conservative bogeys. Classic class warfare, and where can it lead, except the the city of No Good? Washington Rebel

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cartoon Round Up....

Bonus Babe....


Oh yes....

Video: The Ultimate Car Wash

The Ultimate Car Wash - Watch more Funny Videos


Video of the Day: Mega waterslide jump.....

...this is cool.


World War II explained by Urban Dictionary.

Germany invades Czechoslovakia.
Britain & France tell them to stop that bullsh*t.
Germany invades Poland.
(Russia also invades Poland from the other side: everybody forgets this.)
Britain & France declare war. This is the 'official' kick-off.
Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, & Romania all join the German side. (Everybody forgets the last three.)
Axis forces go through Europe like vindaloo through a colostomy.
Nazis exterminate Jews, gays, gypsies, & the disabled. (everybody remembers the jews but forgets the rest.)
UK holds out.
Russia & the USA don't do sh*t.
Entire divisions of Danish, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian, French & Serbian volunteers join the Axis armies & SS. (everybody forgets this & to listen to them now, they were all in the f***ing resistance, which must have been MASSIVE.)
Axis forces invade Russia. Suddenly the Russians don't think it's funny any more.
Japan joins the Axis & bombs Pearl Harbor.
Suddenly the US doesn't think it's funny any more.
The USA tools up the world, 'cause it's got more factories than everybody else put together, & they're out of bomber range.
Axis runs out of steam in Russia, cause Russia's enormous & bloody freezing.
Allies invade on D-Day... 5 landings: 2 British, 2 American, 1 Canadian. (everybody forgets the Canadians.)
Hitler ends up smouldering in a ditch. Russians find the body & confirm he only had one ball. Seriously.
The US decides invading stuff is a pain in the ass and invents the atom bomb instead. Drops two buckets 'o sunshine on Japan.
Russians steal half of Europe.
UK's spent almost every penny it had.
US starts telling everybody how it was all about them, & 64 years later is still doing so.



Video: Obama's Capitol Hill Card: Who is in Your Wallet?

H/T Martin

One way to 'build' a pool......



With imprisonment up, crime is down

Eeek! The Brits Have REALLY Lost Their Way

Citizen Informants

Government map shows dire Afghan security picture

No Money for F-22's, but Three More Brooms for Nancy Pelosi

Russian submarines patrol off US west coast

Government 'suppressed' report showing massive military waste

Afghan voters turn to warlords for help in picking candidates

Africa investment sparks land grab fear

The US pilots living next to a runway