Friday 1 January 2010

Fiddling around............from Rico

Nero is 'famous' for fiddling while Rome burned. Few are aware that when nero debased the silver standard of Rome, he didn't simply 'clip' the coins. He left the denarias pure silver on the outside, and made them copper-silver on the inside.

Nero 'hid' his activites, much like today...we still do not 'know' all of the details of what took place in the bailout of the financial industry.
- The Fed refuses to tell us, they'll never be audited, and Ben-the-bearded keeps printing more greenbacks (debasing the dollar).

See any similarities?

Not like Washingtoon is 'fiddling around' here, right?
- Hmmmmm...I think I actually DO smell smoke in the air.

Well our savvy and no-nonsense Congress simply says "nothing to see here, move along now" while considering TARP 2.0...yes, another bailout is being bandied about.
- Just because the original TARP's +$700 bn was never used for its purported original purpose is no reason not to extend it! Besides, you still might have some CHANGE left in your pockets, schnooks, and they HOPE to get that too!

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