Saturday 2 January 2010

It just keeps getting better............from Rico

Green shoots of recovery. Obama-Soetero 'saved' the economy. Unemployment is almost beaten. Dollar-cost averaging is still a good idea. We're all better off than we were.

Just tune to your choice of Nanny-State media outlets and be deluged with "good news!" from the Ministry of Truth. Pablum intended for the clueless who live in never-never land.

For the decade just ended:
- The S&P 500 is down 24%
- Real home values are down 3%
- The US Dollar is down 23%
- Unemployment is back to 1980-levels (no lie)

And 2010 will be worse!
- Factor in the unfunded liabilities (like Social Security and Medicare) and the debt-ratio jumps to 1,000%...and that's before "Wealth Reform", errrrr "Health Reform."
- Compare this to the Great Depression numbers.

Given the choice between what is good for the politicians (good politics) and what is good for the people (good economics), you probably have a pretty shrewd guess by now which will be chosen by our eternally-running-for-election politicians, don't you?
- This is possibly why the non-clueless are investing in bullion, and guns & ammo.

Whatever happens, it's gonna really hurt and leave a mark!
- Be prepared as the Boy Scouts say.


Unknown said...

You're probably a bright guy, Rico, but your writing and page composition are so poor I don't bother reading your posts.

Get an editor and make yourself heard.


I enjoyed the post and left knowing more than when I arrived. I hit your site via Pitchpull and will return. Keep up the good work.