Wednesday 20 January 2010

The second-time around...........from Rico

I just saw this flag (American-made) and immediately liked it.

The first American revolution was against an oppressive King.

Many would argue that the second American revolution is against an oppressive government
...but an oppressive King works for me here, too.

The II reminds me of the Second Amendment.

For those who attended schools since Carter established The Dept of Education:
- The 13 stars also stand for something.


sykes.1 said...

The "II" means "Second Revolution" to me.

richard mcenroe said...

Where can I get the II flag?

Theo Spark said...

Hell you guys should have stayed in the empire.

Brian said...

Thirteen starson the flag? Don't Tell me America is taking over the EUSSR as well as Cadburys.

tsgt said...

Nah, you have it worse than us. You get it from Gordon Brown & the EU. But feel free to emigrate we could use you.