Tuesday 5 January 2010

Something is going on..........from Rico

I watch the US Dollar Index pretty closely.

"Something" is going on with the dollar. The divergence of the "traders" spread as positions are taken for the 'new' year 2010 concerns me (ignore the puny private traders, the blue line, which seem covinced a few points from the latest "low" means the trade is bullish again).

While I am convinced that the dollar carry trade remains intact for 2010, this chart bothers me.

I just have the 'feeling' that this will end badly. I'm still trying to figure out the details....
- And WHY does Soros propose that developed countries make IMF loans to the rest of the world (collateralized by the sovereign gold holdings of their central banks in the event these loans 'default'...hahahahaha). Translation='hock' our national gold reserves to the IMF to secure dubious loans to places like Somalia, et al, to 'save the planet' from global climate change? Sure smells like Socialist "wealth redistribution" to me.

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