Sunday 3 January 2010

Understated...............from Rico

UNDERSTATED is certainly not a word I would associate with Obama-Soetero. It IS a word I would use to describe the government "cooking" the books and fudging the numbers.
- After all, if you LOOK good, then you ARE good, right? Besides, it's easier to LIE than to actually BE any good.

Real vice 'official' unemployment? Follow the money.

The Daily Treasury Statement data shows the USG is understating unemployment by about

The chart shows either (a) that individual unemployment benefit checks have gone waaay up in amounts (not bloody likely), or (b) that there are a lot more checks being cut than we are being told.....the number of unemployed collecting benefits is about 14 million people and NOT the 'officially' reported 10 million people. The BLS and Treasury's collars and cuffs do not match. What's a 'little' balance sheet bubble in the big scheme of things?
- Forget that bubbles tend to 'pop' and ignore that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how this will end.

Management by perception. Lie to look good. It works better than actually doing anything positive about unemployment.

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