Wednesday 6 January 2010

Weapon Accessories

Mounted on M16A1 Rifle

Mounted on a Glock Pistol

Lots more on DoubleTapper


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tom said...

Silly Weapons and Toys model???

Thomas the gun critic / gunsmith:

They make Flat Tops and quick change detachable match sight carry handles for when you actually want one, no tools needed and return to zero even...all us cool kids have them on our Stoner Pattern rifles. Parallax is a bitch if you mount your scope that high...if parallax isn't going to be an issue with that set-up you probably don't need a scope anyway unless your eyes are bad.

Extended magazine + bipod combo is iffy too, especially with your scope way in the sky. You'd be exposing a lot of your face trying to snipe with that.

Tactical yarmulke that doesn't fall off is cool. Be spiffier in Desert Digital or OD though, unless you need a Hi-Viz yarmulke for some reason... ;-)