Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Head's UP!..............from Rico

Head's UP everybody!

More "bailouts" on the way.

Forget all about those notional/fictional "green shoots of recovery" being flung at you like poo by the media monkeys! In fact, ducking would be a very GOOD idea.

It isn't going to happen!

With more jobs being lost and no jobs being created (except Berry's teleprompter), there won't be any recovery (consumer-led, or other) soon.
- Look at the 'next' wave of unemployed that will need a bailout (and bear in mind, most states unemployment funds are not only 'broke' but on the government dole as well by now).

Another "bailout" will be needed.

Factor into this the fact that nearly one-third of people 55-or-older have less than $10K saved for their retirement.
- This may end very badly for them.

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