Monday, 1 March 2010

Round 1: The Conservative Blogger Debate -- The War On Terror!


Sponsored by a group of very fine blogs, Motorcitytimes and Makes My Brain Itch take the initiative on Round 1 of Conservative Debate and pose the following question to Russ, of That's Right, with The Classical Liberal being asked to Rebut:

One of the conservative arguments against the current prosecution on the war on terrorism is the fact that, as conservatives, we should not be involved in nation building In Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please explain you position with respect to the fact that after our post WWII reconstruction efforts , Germany and Japan have become our 4th and 5th largest trading partners. The exchange of goods accounts for 10.6% of all of the United States foreign trade.To put this in perspective, China accounts for 12.0% of all U.S. foreign trade (2008 numbers).

Here is Russ's Response; here is CL's Rebuttal.

Wyblog is following the debate, as are Mind-Numbed Robot and Washington Reb. Stay tuned for updates and commentary!

WOT Veteran Virgil Responds

Plus, The Boob War takes a fortuitous turn!

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