Thursday, 29 April 2010

What's the point of Europe?

London, England

Listen and digest:

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Filippo the Italian who went to Asia said...

European Union is the biggest farce and the most incompetent institution in the universe. Thanks God I am in Asia and frankly speaking when you see how these countries are managed and how they prosper, it puts the EU and the eurocrats who control our lives to shame. Do you know how much of OUR money these idiots spend every day? do you know that for example every bloody memos must be translated in all the EU languages? And of course for each language they will employ several translators (we dont want to stress these poor eurocrats do we now?) who are paid EU salaries, plus benefits plus plus plus....
F**K the EU. And since I am at it the French too. (and the Germans because they have no sense of humour).