Sunday, 16 May 2010

Jo From Florida

On the Michael Savage Show

via Liberty Zone

A Musical Interlude, from Virgil

H/Ts Glenwood & Ducsup


DakWolf said...

Wow! I don't know if I should pity Jo for her ignorance or if I should deplore her for that fact that she is perfectly happy with it.
The left-wing, racist elites, have sold their brand of socialism to people and have even managed to marry a hatred of learning and intellect to it. It is incredibly terrifying that in the "Information Age" where literally thousands if not millions of books, magazines, articles, amongst others are at our very finger tips, certain people (Jo) are happily intellectually starved.
To make matters even worse, far too many of these "average Jo"s are "militant" in their beliefs, to the point where it has become their "religion". They are the new brownshirts and the blackshirts, even if those shirts have a distinctive purple hue to them. (see:

So as they happily march no, happily skip, down their failed ideological road to nowhere, they will verbally, physically and mentally assault you in as many ways possible, in their attempts to intimidate you to conform to their idiocy.

David said...

Nitwits such as she can vote. Scary.