Monday, 31 May 2010

While you were sleeping

Based on the information I have recieved the IDF was a model of restraint. Which by the way started a lot earlier than for the rest of you when I took the call from one of my contacts. Here is something from an unnamed international journalist.

We’re at war with Hamas, and Iranian controlled and fundedgroup whose stated aim is the extermination of a member state of the UN. These people were attempting to bring unknown and uninspected material to that enemy, through a declared military blockage. They attacked troops sent to enforce that blockade. What is their status under international laws relating to conflict?

Indeed this is a good question. What is not being reported is that both Israel AND Egypt – yes thats right Egypt has also blocaked the area because Hammas are a bunch of murdering nutjobs who slaughtered their way throught Fattah to take control of Gaza – offered to have the “aid landed at their ports and delivered from there after inspection.

Now I live in a country where we stop ships every other day of the week in our territiorial waters and will impund your ship if you have the wrong number of fish on board or don’t have the right paper work. These ships, with declared hostile intent, had refused inspection, refused cooperation with the lawful authroity and attmepted to repell a lawfull boarding of their ships is sorvrign territorial waters. I dare you tell me that New Zealand would have gone freaken apeshit in those circumstance.

In fact if you watch the video you might get an idea of what they were met with. My personal opinion is that had I been in command of one of the boarding parties I would have withdrawn and requested fire support. A couple of torpedoes being my recomendation. But these are Jews so a different set of rules applies. Again I quote my source:

The sheer hypocrisy is what gets me. All these countries that are yelling at Israel would hve done the same or a lot worse if something similar was aimed at them.

Try thinking about the actual situation and apply it to your own country before you just buy into the usual media hysteria. Laws were broken and an aggrssive attempt was made to run a lawful blocakde after options for delivery of “aid” had been offered by two countries. All i can say is they were bloody lucky that only ten were killed. Most other countries would have been a lot less restrained. North Korea for example.

Its called a war for a bloody reason.

Once again I marvel at the professionalism and restrait of the IDF who all know damn well that regardless of what they do they will be accused of a masacre of innocent civilians.


TheBigHenry said...


I agree with all that you say in your post; and more.

But if you take a few moments to review your typing and clean up some of the typos before posting, maybe a few more people will see the common sense in what you say.

Best, Henry

Bushwack said...

Personally I'd rather see Israel sink that flotilla than risk injury to any IDF personal. Israel can't win in the court of public opinion. The UN and all the usual idiots see Israel as the problem...and NOW they have no ally in the WH. Time to go it alone.

Unknown said...

The key, of course, is "our territorial waters". Israel walked out of Gaza. You can't both leave a territory and say that you get to control the territory.

If Israel is at war with Hamas (and, fine, I understand that), then they can jolly well go take Gaza back from Hamas.

PacRim Jim said...

Why don't the Israelis use a remotely controlled submersible to disable the propeller or rudder? That would be as effective.

Allen said...

they should have sunk the ships and called it an "industrial accident"

after all..they were most likely carrying weapons components of some kind...

Murray said...

Henry its called dyslexia.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion to our IDF friends, TORPEDOS work !! An indignant " no we didm't" apparently suffices as a denial ala NORK land.

Michael Wilcox