Wednesday, 16 June 2010

President Obama's National Address on BP Crisis

It was dreadful.

NYT's has its report, "
In Oval Office Speech, Obama Presses BP on Compensation," and also Politico, "President Obama: 'We will make BP pay'." WSJ's got the text of the speech via Memorandum, and this should be leading by the end of the evening. I'll have more later, but the president was dishonest in claiming the feds have been on the scene since day one and Obama exudes no urgency in crisis. Most of all, the speech was mostly propaganda fear-mongering on the alleged dangers of environmental collapse. I'll have more later at American Power, but watch the clip. Dreadful:


LifeoftheMind said...

We shall fight them on the beaches?

Just dreadful, he has absolutely no idea what the Federal role is and what the role of a private business is. Is his plan to bankrupt and seize control of BP like he did with GM?

He claims credit for authorizing Louisiana to act? Chutzpah.

He wants BP to feed a slush fund to be controlled by Obama cronies?

What is his vision of a clean future? Make work unskilled jobs for corrupt insulation contractors, higher taxes, more poverty, greater vulnerability to foreign pressure as we become poorer and our military shrinks as our rivals grow.

The religious conclusion, given the ideological communities that are behind the socialist content of the first 15 minutes of his speech, was wildly discordant. It can no longer pass as a throw away from his experience in the gospel based communities, not when in his case that means the Reverend Wright and the long term implications of his agenda are relentlessly secular and alien to the American experience.

Mr Mayor said...

Never waste a disaster. O'Hole doesn't want it stopped. This
will make everyone angry at big
oil and make it easier to stop the
drilling. He is not stupid, he's just an asshole.