Saturday, 28 August 2010


In Great Satan's arsenal of future weaponry being deployed today - those wild hottie naughty killer drones got tons of play!

Why cause?

Because - they got tons of game, bay bee!

Hunter killers like Predator and Reaper are notoriously bad girls - always just out of reach of the handwringing attorney brigade - they diss Pakistani sovereignty (yeah - what a hoot!) seek out and slay enemies and enemy enablers anywhere. Anytime. They. Want.

Aside from Sexy Beast - Great Satan also enjoys doing several recon drones - like Little Satan's 'Hunter', and the Shadow (200 RQ 7) there is also Raven.

Sweet, petite, discrete and in heat - Raven actually returns kinda like a boomerang all on her own - no imposing imposed curfews required!

She's tiny tiny - handheld and hand launched. Raven weighs in at four and a half pounds with a five-foot wingspan and barely 38 inches in length! Raven's gig gives 'farsight' to cats on the ground in a tactical environment from subsquad level on up - thus, ensuring Great Satan's enemies rec'v the nasty surprise on the battlefield while her forces are sweetly informed with real time intell.

Never has killed anyone - Raven is a good girl.

Pic "Raven is a good girl and almost always makes it home. " sexed up beyond all repair with the staff at GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD

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