Thursday, 19 August 2010

Should Israel Bomb Iran's Nuclear Reactor in Bushehr?

In an editorial, the Washington Times calls on Israel to bomb Iran's Bushehr reactor on Friday.

"...It's doubtful America will take action. The State Department's response to the latest IAEA report on Iranian enrichment violations merely said, "We are hopeful that Iran will express a willingness to come to the table. We stand ready to have that dialogue." Not exactly the kind of rhetoric that instills fear of consequences.

...The most dangerous fallout could be political. Russia, Iran's nuclear sponsor, is likely to voice strong objections; the usual anti-Israel suspects will howl; and the United States may not be as sturdy a champion for Israel as it was in the past. But the time has come to demonstrate resolve in face of an imminent threat from Iran. The Free World depends on Israeli power..."

What do you think? Should Israel drop the bomb on Iran? Comment here

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Filippo said...

They should blow it to pieces and, en passant, maybe, perhaps, a piccolo errand missile strikes the Sa'dabad Palace....Just a thought....