Sunday, 19 September 2010

Congressional ethics......from Rico

I was just reflecting upon the Democrat's 'promise' to provide the "most ethical Congress ever" when they began their pillaging of the average taxpayer.

Our current crop of corrupticrats is NOT the finest government money can buy, but it is bought-and-paid for.

This gallery (attached) could be Rangel, cold-cash Jefferson, Nancy Reid, or Harry Pelosi....well, it's an awfully long list of crooks, liars, thieves and scoundrels who have said one thing and done another so I won't list them all here...I think we have a pretty good idea predicated on the single-digit approval ratings of Congress.
- In all fairness, they do act with smugness, arrogance, and clueless ignorance as befits wretches that consider themselves America's uber-class and prance about like frivolous minor royalty.

It's time to bring back the venerable tradition of tar-and-feathers.

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