Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Crazy And Unpredictable

You know it player! The truth about the results of Iraq War is that, for all the tragedy and loss, Great Satan's military did a major miracle. After nearly seven years, a semi constitutional gov is in place.

23 of the writ thingies for war passed by the Congress in 2002 — "...from enforcing the Gulf I resolutions and stopping the destruction of the Kurds and Marsh Arabs, to preventing the Iraqi state promotion of terrorism, ending suicide bounties on the West Bank, and stopping Iraq from invading or attacking neighbors or trying to acquire WMD" — were satiated and satisfied by Great Satan's military appetite to devour enemies - not some fanboy outreach to confusing 'shared interests'.

Libya gave up WMD witchcraft; Dr. Khan’s new clear Walmart was shut down; Syria split Lebanon; and American troops in Wahabbi Arabia, put there as an Iraqi deterrent, unassed - thus dynamiting one of al Q's memes.

In a world hot! for oil - S'Ddam "....might have been more or less free to do what he pleased again in Iraq. (The verdict is out on Iran; playing a genocidal Hussein regime against it was morally bankrupt. Currently, Shiites participating in consensual government could be as destabilizing to Iran in the long run as Iranian terrorists are to Iraq in the short run.)

The suspect NIE 2007 says Iran freaked and halted all new clear chicanery - for fear Mullahopolis was the next stop for Great Satan's ME Tour.

Killing off al-Qaeda in Iraq dissed the entire idea of radical Sunni m'hammedist terrorists, and killing thousands of foreign radical m'hammedists in Land betwixt the two rivers was sweet blowback for Great Satan's security — inspite of goofy incantations that Great Satan conjured them out of thin air by defeating the largest Arab army in history in only 20 days.

Kurdistan proves ppl can get it and run with it - prepping for this life instead of racing off to the next. Before Op Iraqi Freedom - Kurds were always on the endangered list in B'Aathist Iraq - threat of genocide by their own gov; today it is a booming economy.

All these things would have been impossible without Great Satan doing Iraq.

Yet the REAL lesson of Iraq is that Great Satan is crazy and unpredictable. She is liable to go off and go anywhere and do anything - anytime she wants:

Nation building and Counter Insurgency Ops are bloody, time consuming heartbreaking tasks and, in contrast:

Annihilating entire regimes over a few weeks is easy, fun and reliably doable.

Pic "Unpredictable" with GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD

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