Tuesday, 21 September 2010

EU hypocrisy!..............from Filippo

The French Government has recently enacted a law providing for the forced repatriation - that is a paid ticket and a small allowance for the trouble - of Romas without jobs, without residence permit and without any legal means of subsistence.

This has aroused the indignation and hypocritical condemnation of the European Commissioner for Justice Viviae Reding who had the nerve and
bad taste to compare the measures to the deportations carried by the Nazis during the Second World War. Note that the Commissioner is from Luxembourg, a country where Romas are barred from entering.

The outburst of this brilliant lady, bad taste aside, was also shared by the President of the EU and several european government, as well as from the U.S., which is building a wall to defend the border with Mexico against illegal immigrants .

The EU, always very quick to impose rules and regulations to define the optimal size of bananas and cucumbers, and address the fate of octopus and cuttlefish, never wanted to seek a common solution to deal with the issue of uncontrolled immigration.

Each time countries most affected by this problem - Italy, France and Spain - take unilateral measures in this respect, they are immediatley labelled as racist.
As President Sarkozy said: "If you don't like our measures, why don't you take them".
Hypocritical EU!

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