Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Iranian Army Quad Squad.......


Their Flying Boats


LifeoftheMind said...

Typical 3rd World paramilitary that has polished boots and toys but is designed for beating up and terrorizing civilians.

Anonymous said...

Actually, those WIG craft could pose a threat if they manage to fit anti-ship missiles to them.
Low profile, fast, small, assault craft are hard to pick up on radar in coastal clutter, and with but one or two crew they're going to be able to launch a lot of them at you in kamikaze like attack profiles.

As Iran doesn't really care about how many people they loose to sink say a US Navy destroyer or cruiser, they can launch dozens and loose all but one. If even one gets through and launches some sea skimmers at very short range, good chances they'll sink something.

Ric Locke said...

Or just fit a warhead to the thing and kamikaze it in. Same threat.

OTOH, if the mullahs get dumped and trade starts, they've got a ready-made fun product to sell. Half the rednecks I know would sell their four-wheelers to get one.