Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Just say "NUTS!"...............from Rico

What a great way to start the week.

Buried in fawning stories from the lapdog media trying to convince me WHY and HOW "Health Care Reform" is not the steaming load of manure that it always was...and still is!
The AP, MSNBC, et al are running stories titled "Health Care Reforms Kick-in. What they mean to you."
- Well, let's call these 'stories' what they really are: fairy tales; propaganda; lies.

All these stories lie by omission, and artfully dodge pesky facts like:
- This has nothing to do with reforming heallth care or making it better, but shredding many of the articles in our Bill of Rights.

And while the Obamunists are busily wiping their kollectiv posteriors with our Constitution, all of you homeowners just lost another 3.8% off of the value of your homes!
- Yeah, ObamaCare TAXES 3.8% of the sale of your residences just at the time when many of them are paid for and 'boomers' are down-sizing into smaller homes for retirement purposes. The flaming Obamunists want their cut of your retirement fund$.

All is not lost. We need to repeal this unconstitutional and illegal 'law of the land' the Sozialist-Kommunist-Demokratishes Partei has imposed upon us right after we kick their "asses" (pun intentional, the Ass appropriately being the Party Logo of the Democrats (C)....well, until the 'new' one resembling a toilet bowl (D) anyway)!
- Remember the surrounded 101st Airborne at Bastogne in WWII and just say (as did they in response to the proposal they surrender): "NUTS!"

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rhhardin said...

"It's funny until somebody gets an eye poked out. Then it's still funny, just not around that person."