Wednesday, 1 September 2010

M4 Rifle Upgrades

I recently upgraded the accessories on my IDF issue M4 rifle.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think of the new setup.


richard mcenroe said...

What, no flamethrower?

How about a C-Mag?

Anonymous said...

I'm still partial to the old M-14. Served me well in the 'Nam.

K said...

Barbie for men.

What's the point of giant optics if you've got a 16 inch standard diameter barrel and a tiny bullet? I mean besides just looking cool?

I'll bet your Toyota Camery has a giant spoiler as well.

RTLM said...

I like the iron sight option in the scope rings. Otherwise there's a lot stuff to get snagged on the weeds.

fboness said...

Well, the pistol grip with the tang is useful in cold climes to keep the web of the hand off the heat sucking aluminum. Other than that...

Anonymous said...

That is the sexiest M4 ever!

Because the IDF Cuts down old M16′s to make their M4′s, they are stuck with carry handles.

That is a 3×9 Lighted Reticle 50mm scope so there is no way it would clear the front sight with shorter rings and since DoubleTapper is an IDF certified sniper/marksman, he needs the bipod and scope.

I like the way he has it setup and can’t wait to get back over there and go shooting with him again!

tom said...

Somewhere underneath there you might have a useful rifle and vertical foregrips ONLY work under certain contexts and when they are a bad idea, people tend to try to use them anyway, and the workarounds aren't at ALL ergonomic.

It's your rifle, do what you want.

Wouldn't show it off, though.

Unknown said...

Scrap the gunk and add a barrel extension. It'd be nice to be able to hit the targets from the same range the targets are shooting at you.

Love how the Army went with the "average combat distance is 200-300 meters so why go much farther?" idea. Then, all the sudden, the enemy starts squating at 500 meters to plink away and cant be touched except with support weps.

Fortunately, much of the USMC is still "stuck" with the old M16s so they can reach out and touch em at 500.

Semper Fi, mofos :)