Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Obama Ends Operation Iraqi Freedom

I anticipated the president's address in my previous post, "President Barack Obama Claims Credit on Iraq War." I can't add too much here, except to reiterate that I'm ashamed at Obama's political posturing. I'm ashamed at Obama's political opportunism, and I wish for a larger purpose than this poor president can hope to provide for those who've sacrificed for a better Iraq and for a better future for the Iraqis. It's no surprise that America's servicemen and women share this disappointment in this president's abject leadership in wartime. See, "Troops Yet to Give Obama Full Salute."

See also Michelle, "Barack Obama on Iraq: Then and Now." Glenn Reynolds has a nice roundup of reactions: "What Obama Said About the Surge When it Mattered."

And more at New York Slimes and

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Anonymous said...

I can hear the vacuum starting now to pull all the bad, bad, bad humans into Iraq. Just like the vacuum caused when we pulled out of vet nam. Two years later it was all taken over by the commies.
what a waste of 10,000 days of war.
and not even an unconditional surrender by the commies. Just a lot of no peace, and not honor.
It is just starting too. All the most recent deaths of Americans and other troops fighting there. It will get worse.
And I keep getting told that voting does not make any difference in what party you put in the oral office. yea, that's a out right lie.
are YOU better off than you were pre-November 2008?
I know I am not, for sure without a doubt, at any time.
need those meteors to get here pronto. Heltau