Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Over 50 and Unemployed: Will they ever work again?.....from Rico

This has been one of my 'concerns' for a number of years now.

Having watched "free trade" shift jobs overseas from Clinton, through Bush, and into the Obama-Soetoro years it is clear that the way for "international" business to make money is to produce in the country with the lowest labor cost, re-import the product into the US and 'mark' it up for the profit at point-of-sale.
- Meanwhile the Unions are getting screwed and do not know it, while the consuming (and ever-increasingly unemployed public DO know it...they just do not understand the "why?").

And that is why you have no jobs, and may never again!

IF you are over-50 and unemployed in THIS scenario, you may never work again. Welcome to the soft-slavery of Government subsidies and handouts. There ain't gonna be any pay-stubs or W-2's in your future. You are already RETIRED but don't yet know it!!

Over 50 and Unemployed: Will they ever work again?

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