Tuesday, 28 September 2010

VBS TV: Detroit Lives VBS Part 1

The Motor City has been declared dead more times than Rasputin. But over the last few years, while The News Media (and Dutch tourists) were hemming and hawing over a few neglected streets that had started to look more like meadows, a bunch of creative badasses were quietly buying abandoned 9-story buildings, filling them with everyone they knew, and making Detroit actually pretty incredible. Johnny Knoxville paid a visit to the D to explore for himself.


Anonymous said...

God. Leftists are such retards. They're refusing to admit what really went wrong in Detroit. They took the richest and most prosperous city in the entire world and completely ruined it with their Marxist socioeconomic policies.

Big job unions.

Lots of welfare spending.

High taxes to pay for it.

And a "race harmony" world view that refuses to acknowledge that blacks have insanely low IQs and are therefore unable to be productive members of society.

When the blacks started to riot and target whites the whites left in droves.

That's how the richest city in the world went to 3rd world status.

And I don't want to hear any "racist this" and "racist that" bullcrap.

My family is from Detroit. My great grandfather moved to Detroit in the early 1900s from Greece. He owned a bakery.

My grandfather served in WWII and while stationed in England in preperation for D-Day he met an ~extremely~ beautiful 17 year old English girl who he feel completely in love with (he was 21).

After the war he brought her back with him to America and together they bought a pub.

Tragically, his wife (my grandmother) died in a car accident.

Around that same time the predominantly white neighborhood they lived in became predominantly black.

My grandfather fell in love with a local black woman and they had a few kids together.

This enraged the blacks in the area who attempted to burn his pub down several times and threatened to cut off his head and genitals.

So don't lecture me about racism and how I should feel bad for the "poor, innocent and oppressed" blacks in Detroit.

They're racist as fuck and they hate white people far more than whites hate them.

Detroit is doomed for eternity I'm afraid. Once an area gets taken over by the left they never let go.

They create pathetic and brainwashed government dependents who will just vote themselves the wealth created by anyone smart and productive living there and thus will always chase the competent business people away.

Detroit is what's going to happen not only to America, but the entire Western world as well if we don't utterly annihilate the left culturally and politically.

LifeoftheMind said...

Get along well with your cousins?

Anonymous said...

"And a "race harmony" world view that refuses to acknowledge that blacks have insanely low IQs and are therefore unable to be productive members of society. "

This statement is over generalized and way over simplified. There are thousands of "blacks" who have above average IQ's and can be very productive in our society. The moral and family self esteem of generations of poverty are to be more than a factor than race. And no I do not feel sorry for many of them since many of these people are worthless trash. Like it was stated by Abraham in the book of Genesis, "if few as 5 were found righteous would God not spare the city on behalf of them?" I personally know several "blacks" that were living in Detroit and effected by the same senseless individuals as whites. As to why they behave the way they do I cannot get into their heads which is good,I dont want to know what drives people to act so savagely. Through out history man has dominated man to his injury. Unless Ive lived EXACTLY in their shoes and see life day to day as them, I can no way pass any sort of judgment. Any "educated" person would come to the same conclusion.