Friday, 22 October 2010

It's not so bad.........from Rico

It's not so bad, really. Just saying it's OK makes things OK, right comrades?

Inflation, like unemployment, does not exist for the former and isn't that bad for the latter...because the gooberment and the MSM say so!!!
- Must be true then. Would they lie to us? Nawwwwww!

Well, it's technically 'true' if you cook the books!
- Gov't can do that, you know.

For profit entities like Agora Financial get in trouble for cooking the books, however. They report that the producer-price index was UP 0.4% in Sep from Aug, and compared to a year earlier wholesale prices are UP 4%.
- But they cannot figure it the way Government does (by excluding food and energy costs which increased 1.7% in Sep) the poor fools can't assert there's no inflation, and may even be under the delusion that Sep's numbers were UP something like 5.7% in one month!!!

John Williams at Shadowstats calculates unemployment the way it was done before the Government jiggered it's formula in the early 1990's. While the offishul unemployment rate is reported by the MSM as 9.6%, figured the old way it's running 22.5%.

Gee, who you gonna believe?
- The teleprompter readers, or your own eyes?

I think most of us who have not quaffed the Koolaid have figured out what is 'real' and what is a 'lie' by now.
- It's about time for tar-and-feathers.

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