Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Totty of the Day..........

Veronika London Defines Edge

(October 18, 2010 Los Angeles, California) Striking in raven black hair, Veronika London’s raw talent, assets and ambition have catapulted her to the fast-track in a span of a year. Coming off recent television appearances on both HBO "Lingerie" and SHOW TIME "Body Language" TV-series, the Mexican born beauty has taken a different approach by dominated the Canadian Independent film scene by starring in more unconventional roles such as a "junkie with amnesia" in feature film "Jane Doe" which she claims she can "connect with better". The young starlet who can now be often found in spreads for men's magazines showcasing her controversial beauty was compared Megan Fox in 2009 and tagged the "Megan Fox of the North" by Maxim magazine. Although as time passes and her career progresses, it appears London is attracted to the more unconventional roles and deems natural controversy with her images.

Photographer Credit : Sibel Aisha Gray

Editors Note: She will also be tonights 'Bedtime Totty' featuring another video.

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