Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cult of ObamaCare Screams RAAAAACISM!!

It's a been a strange morning on Twitter.

I tweeted
this and got back this. That triggered an exchange of tweets around the 'sphere. Turns out that simply opposing ObamaCare gets you attacked as RAAAAACIST, which is no surprise by any means. Here's a roundup:

* "If You Oppose ObamaCare You're RAAAAACIST and UNEDUCATED!!"

* "
If You Tweet Your Opposition to ObamaCare You're REALLY RAAAAACIST!!"

* "
Opposing ObamaCare is Bigoted Asshattery!!"
And I'm currently in an exchange with some guy named F. DaCosta, although, amazingly, he hasn't called me a racist (yet).

It's been interesting, to a point, and there's some other good stuff happening in any case. For example, "
GOP: We Owe It to People to Repeal Health Care," and "Report: Olbermann Was Suspended For Refusing To Apologize On Camera." (Via Memeorandum.)

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Rickvid in the Yakima Valley said...

The real counter to these racialist bastards is to ask them to tell you that you would be just fine with (Obama policy here) if the Presindent were named Clinton; either one.

Prez Bill's health care thing was strongly opposed in the raly 90's. Ands it was not simply because Hillary was behind it.