Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Korea Update ..................from DJ Elliott

US Deploys Carrier Strike Group, US Air Force to Western Pacific

Accelerated deployment for Vinny, they were supposed to deploy after the holidays...

Information Dissemination write........

So if I am some North Korean intel analyst looking at this - what am I looking at?

I see this rather enormous George Washington (CVN 73) Carrier Strike Group escorted by a rather large and capable number of US and South Korean Navy warships exercising in my front lawn. I am also observing this ultra modern Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group deploying from the US west coast, heading my way under what looks to be a completely unique deployment schedule that just might be coming quickly specifically because of me.

Oh btw, more than half the Japanese fleet is either at sea or on high readiness, and the US Air Force is quietly positioning capabilities that will really hurt if the shooting happens. In the context of the South Korean Presidents speech, I might be a little concerned.

As I look at this, I see an opportunity for the US and allies to increase the pressure and make moves that put a bit of fear back into the North Koreans for a change. I do not think it would be a bad thing for the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) to go dark and start heading towards the strait. I can think of some interesting places for that Carrier Strike Group to pop up all of a sudden to make a strategic announcement of presence. It seems to me that the more pressure the North Koreans feel right now, the more China is empowered in influencing North Korea. China has let editorials critical of North Korea run in the daily papers all week - something we never saw following the Cheonan incident.

There is an opportunity here - one that makes China a partner while also allowing us to stand strong with South Korea. How does it come together? I see many possibilities, and if I was writing the script I would start writing it with this deployment of the Carl Vinson CSG - with its unique ships and unique deployment pattern, and perhaps a bit of unique strategic communication to go a long with it aimed at the North Koreans.

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Bruce said...

An excellent piece. Has me chuckling and my eyes widened.