Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pike River Mine Accident

For those of you following the Pike River mine accident in New Zealand, there was a second blast yesterday afternoon our time confirming the volitility of the mine which had prevented any rescue effort from entering the mine since the first blast last Friday afternoon.

The twenty nine men unaccounted for are now presumed dead with it being very likely they died in the intial blast.

Their ages ranged from 17 to 62 and 24 were New Zealanders, 2 Australians, 2 Scots and 1 South African.

We would now like the international media to leave the West Coast area please and stp trying to second guess actual experts and play the blame game. Miners, their families and freinds can get very hostile when you push them. We can't make our own media go away, but they're on borrowed time too.


Lester304 said...

So VERY SAD for this tragedy.

Skip said...

Yo, homie got some payback. NBD.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

May They Rest In Peace.

Murray said...

You a smidge fucked in the head Skip?