Monday 15 November 2010

TSA molesters...............from Rico

This is too much like life imitating 'art.'

I'm told there was once a running cartoon in a popular men's magazine entitled "Chester the Molester."
- Maybe you'll recall it.

Maybe you are also aware that Obama-Soetoro's Head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Janet Napolitano, a few years back declared American veterans (especially combat veterans) a terrorist threat and issued a bulletin to national law enforcement agencies to that effect. Not that she is in favor of 'profiling' mind you: if you are a Middle-eastern-looking young male, you are NOT profiled and are instead given a free upgrade to the seat nearest the cockpit; if you are an average, typical, white Iowan get strip-searched before boarding the flight.
- Never mind that she recently made the Homeland 'safer' by appointing two Muslims to high positons in that agency.
- And, since I am still trying to figure THIS one out, never mind that she is the only Lesbian I have ever heard of to have had an abortion. [?]

The latest attempt to make us all 'safer' involves nude (possibly cancer-causing) x-ray body scanners. This should generate a lot of extra revenue for TSA (thousands standing around) since they can 'sell' and/or trade the scans they choose to save.....having already lied about NOT saving scans.

Until road-blocks are established, I have decided that late departure-late arrivals were already annoying enough, but having my genitals revenge-groped by a fugly male TSA moron because I 'opted out' of the scan just isn't appealing to me (as it might be to any number of Nancy Pelosi's constituents in Fran San Sicko). Knowing the Gov't is involved, I understand that the likelihood of a Monica Belluci doing the job is just not an option, even with a Fist-class ticket! I will drive in future, and avoid ALL air travel. The minimum wage, low IQ, hobby cop, perverts that they are have convinced me it's simply not worth it.
- I bet a lot of folks will feel the same way. Just what a struggling economy and travel industy 'need' right now is a travel boycott caused by the Groperment!

In case you missed it, I have obtained a cover-sheet of a new publication DHS Janet-from-another-planet and her TSA are currently printing.

Some of you wanted HOPE and CHANGE? This is what you get for being too 'dim' to ask what exactly was meant by that.

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