Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sir Philip Green

London, England

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All these Lefties really don’t get it do they? Like him or loathe him, Philip Green creates jobs with his use of money, makes profits which are then re-invested to create more jobs. Agreed, he makes his whack out of his business as well, but why shouldn’t he? he’s the one risking his own money and that of his investors.

What have the Leftie twats that whinge and sneer on this site ever done for Britain’s economy except bollocks it up for every one else? Lefties NEVER understand business. They think money anyone else earns is for the state to use as it pleases, usually wasting it on a massive scale. It’s easy to fritter away when you’ve never actually worked for it.

F**king Left Wingers should NEVER be allowed anywhere near any Treasury, whether it be in Whitehall or in Local Government.

I don’t know why we even bther to reply to these ignorant bastards. The massive chips on both shoulders and their political bigotry exclude them from rational argument.

Do some Americans think the same about Democrats?


PacRim Jim said...

The sad thing is that the more the Lefties mess up an economy, the more the suffering people clamor for their help. It's a self-reinforcing downward spiral. The simple truth is that most people are simply too damn ignorant--thanks to Lefty teachers--to know what's good for them.

orbitup said...

Hear, hear.

Anonymous said...

From the States, Amen.