Saturday, 8 January 2011

Blair Hitch Project

The ungodly - yet avuncular Christopher Hitchens and the "When in doubt - knock 'em out" avuncular UncleTony recently sparred in a fun friendly debate about non secular concerns.

Hitch gave up behind the scene deets with a screensaver money shot:

"...When Tony Blair took office, Slobodan Milošević was cleansing and raping the republics of the former Yugoslavia. Mullah Omar was lending Osama bin Laden the hinterland of a failed and rogue state. Charles Taylor of Liberia was leading a hand-lopping militia of enslaved children across the frontier of Sierra Leone, threatening a blood-diamond version of Rwanda in West Africa. And the wealth and people of Iraq were the abused private property of Saddam Hussein and his crime family.

"...Today, all of these Caligula figures are at least out of power, and at the best either dead or on trial. How can anybody with a sense of history not grant Blair some portion of credit for this? And how can anybody with a tincture of moral sense go into a paroxysm and yell that it is he who is the war criminal? It is as if all the civilians murdered by al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan are to be charged to his account.

"...This is the chaotic mentality of Julian Assange and his groupies. 

Pic - "Bosnia. That's what did it for me, Courtney. I kept seeing the same names on petitions for action I wanted to sign. Oh, look - there's Perle, and here's Wolfowitz - these people wanted to act." with Hail Darling Leader from GrEaT sAtAn"s gIrLfRiEnD

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Nota reargunner said...

What Blair and his Allies did wrong was to play the Moral Card and leave out Mugabe, China, North Korea and just about every Black African leader breathing.
He appeared to be playing more to Haliburton than Burton on Trent.