Saturday, 22 January 2011

Giffords Smiled Inside Ambulance as She Heard Applause During Dramatic Send-Off

Here's the video from the presss conference:

PREVIOUSLY: "Doctors in Houston Report Gabrielle Giffords Aware of Surroundings."

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Anonymous said...

So what is the big deal about this situation? Is it a big deal because the MSM made it a big deal?

This hubbub is way beyond normal for a situation like this. this is almost stalkish like.

I mean how many times has a 'po black person been shot in de hood...and nothing was even printed about that person.
How many American Soldiers have been wounded or had problems with their injuries and nothing has been printed.

Now we have this feeding frenzy, this self perpetuating story that seems like a chilhood nightmare...a never ending nightmare.

I can almost see the MSM waiting with bated breath for Giffords first normal poop.

Somehow this story is being fed and fed until the MSM can use it as an example for some law they want to pass.