Monday, 31 January 2011

How’s that Israel-is-the-cause-of-Mideast-instability myth working out for ya, Obama? Dan Friedman

Israel’s Antagonists Never Give Up

First came WikiLeak’s revelations that Arab leaders were way more worried about an Iranian H-bomb than they were about the “Palestinians.” Indeed, they implored the USA and/or Israel to attack Iran and blow the mullah’s nuclear weapons program to kingdom come.

Then followed Al Jazeera’s PaliLeaks which (if legitimate) show that Western peace processors hold Jerusalem, settlements, and the right of return more sacred than the Palestinian Arabs do.

Now comes the peoples’ revolution spreading like wildfire in the Middle East, and there isn’t a burning Israeli flag, or a raised Palestinian flag, in sight .

From the start, these were all flimsy fairy tales to begin with. They were fabricated by anti-Zionist (anti-Semitic?) elements in academia, the media, the chatterati, the Muslim world and State Dept. Ultimately, they were elevated to received wisdom by nothing other than constant repetition playing upon the base inclinations of too many people.

But now along comes History and these purpose-built myths (with weakening Israel as their purpose) are being erased, one by one dropping like flies overnight. All of which requires that Israel recalibrate its defense doctrines to fit a new reality that includes the Muslim Brotherhood dominating Egypt – an Israeli project already in the works. And nearly as important, Zionists inside and outside Israel need to seize this moment and rush to fill the current propaganda vacuum with the truth. Because as sure as hell, Israel’s antagonists in the West, Obama’s White House and Israel’s own post-Zionist lunatic fringe, will never give up their fight against the Jewish State. In fact, they’ve already been ordered back to the drawing boards, and computers, to create new fictions to replace the old.

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