Tuesday 25 January 2011

Is Nothing Sacred? PA Offered Israel Jerusalem by Dan Friedman........

First came Wikileaks which destroyed the meme that Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is the prime irritant in the Arab world.

Now the other shoe has dropped. Al Jazeera's startling revelations yesterday on Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations clearly show that neither Israeli settlements nor Jerusalem are “obstacles to peace.” For the most part, the PA was willing to give Israel both. That in turn has the Palestinians and their fellow travelers on the liberal-left at each others’ throats, scurrying to cover up to save their ideological butts.

The Wall St. Journal has a clear, straightforward story. And Robin Shepherd has the frenzied reaction from the Guardian newspaper and other pathological Israel bashers in Britain.

Prediction: This story isn’t going away so fast. It’ll take some time before all the parties involved finish applying their spin. A red-faced Abbas is already denying it. So between he and Al Jazeera, which one of the liars do you think lied?

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