Sunday, 9 January 2011

Keith Olbermann on Arizona Shooting: 'Violence Has No Place in Democracy'

From Olby: "Violence, or the threat of violence, has no place in our Democracy, and I apologize for and repudiate any act or any thing in my past that may have even inadvertently encouraged violence. Because for whatever else each of us may be, we all are Americans."

Good try, I must say, although the overwhelming bulk of the "special comment" blamed the right, despite the fact that the shooter was a conspiracy theorist and atheist progressive and that Giffords was targeted by Democrats and Daily Kos fanatics. See, "IS DAILY KOS INVOLVED IN ARIZONA MURDERS?"

Rachel Maddow Crestfallen — Giffords Shooter ID’d as Crazed Conspiracy Theorist and Marx-Reading Progressive Atheist."

Also, "
Bloodshed Puts New Focus on Vitriol in Politics," and "Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot by Gunman at Townhall Event in Tucson — Progressives Blame Sarah Palin 'Hit List'."

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Glenn Mark Cassel said...

Wow! An admission and it is almost contrite in it's tone! From Olby of all people.
But it was just a short bit and he is still a useless scumbag.

PacRim Jim said...

The man's a moron. America became free by means of violence and has fought many wars to remain free. How such ignorant "journalists" get into positions of influence is a mystery to me.