Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Death, hope & warmists Posts HIZB UT-TAHRIR Terrorist Screed

Meet another victim of New Jersey's idiotic gun laws

Unspecified threat closes down showing of ‘Iranium’ at Ottawa’s National Archives Theater

Postscript on New START

Whisky Comes Home After Century on Ice

Vatican Warned Irish Bishops Not To Report Abuse

Australian birds attract mates with 'scary movie effect'

Thousands of Christian pilgrims march past minefields to reach Jesus' traditional baptism site

Super storm risk for California greater than that of major earthquake

Is Gabby Giffords Jewish enough?

Russian women dress like 'strippers': Church spokesman

Kama Sutra virus dupes with sexy promise

US federal deficit: how much does China own of America's debt?

Packing on the pounds blamed on . . . weight for it . . . Walmart

Water for gas

The Modern Prometheus

Too many grads, but China can't slake thirst for learning

Electronic devices may cause plane crashes - and older aircraft are especially vulnerable

Segways banned from pavements and roads

Introducing George – the lesser known tunnel of The Great Escape

Haiti's former dictator Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier charged with corruption in Haiti

Tunisia's new government implodes on day one

Taliban leader Mullah Omar 'has had a heart attack'

Smallpox: diseases the US keeps in their laboratory

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Firehand said...

Check out 'The Demon in the Freezer', good book about smallpox. He has some "Well, it MIGHT be like this" stuff on the security measures used on the smallpox samples at USAMRIID; you'd have an easier time getting into Fort Knox, and maybe a better chance of getting out alive.