Sunday, 9 January 2011

An olde favourite....from Rico

This has long been a favorite joke of mine.
It's old, but I have never 'seen' it framed on a wall like this before now.
The PC-thenthitive will doubtless be 'offended' but they have no sense of humour anyway,
and as long as it was well-received by my old pals in the British Army of the Rhein and the SAS
...well, I could care less what the less-mentally endowed think.
Hey! It's a joke!!
And I still like this olde joke.
- It makes me wax nostalgic for my youger European days...


Anonymous said...


Heaven is where you live in a British home, have a Chinese cook, a Japanese wife, and a US salary. Hell is where you have a Japanese home, a British cook, a US wife and a Chinese salary.

Anonymous said...

ever more hell is where all of the above are American.
How could this have come to pass...

Anonymous said...

British police... heaven? Not these days. They're too busy power-tripping from the "anti-terror" legislation.