Saturday, 29 January 2011

Updates on Egypt Protests - UPDATED!

The progressives are hatin' the vindication of G.W. Bush's freedom agenda. See, "Egypt's Neoconservative Moment."

I'll be posting updated
links and videos throughout the day:

And to be fair, NYT's The Lede blog is doing a great job: "Latest Updates on Protests in Egypt."

Check this massive roundup at Enduring America, "Egypt (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Mubarak Still in Power?"


Thud said...

The NYT with the rest of the worlds liberal media is going to be sadly disapointed in the outcome of the Egyptian unrest.

Anonymous said...

Muslims have proven they need to be controlled whether by a strict ISLAMIC dictatorship under sharia or a secular dictatorship under a strongman, which is our preference another Iran but with a much better equipted military or the status quo. I'll rout for Mubarak.

A realist,
Michael Gene