Monday, 10 January 2011

Video: Harriers Low Level Training " Mach Loop CAD WEST "

The idiot at the MOD thought getting rid of our Harrier squadrons is a bloody moron.


marc1921 said...

That was good Theo. If the shit hits the fan in the Falklands your going yo need them.

Chuck said...

Great video! Reminds me of the scene in 633 Squadron where the Mosquitos were practicing for their upcoming mission. Unlike today's films, director Walter Grauman employed real aircraft. Sadly, no Mosquitos are flightworthy today. I wish BBMF would endeavor to find one, refurbish it, and add to the collection. Maybe the wooden construction makes continuing maintenance impractical. The Harriers are spectacular, but nothing beats the sound of the Merlins! Get the movie on DVD and turn it up LOUD!!!