Sunday, 9 January 2011

When you figure in Rico

OK, I know I know I know that 'officially' there is no inflation and hasn't been for several years.
Well, at least according to our Government.
Would THEY cook-the-books and LIE to us to avoid making any cost-of-living [COLA] adjustments to Social Security recipients, et al?
- And, I gotta agree with the USG (which doesn't figure-in energy or food when calculating inflation). As long as I don't need fuel for my vehicle to drive to the grocery store, problemo! There is NO inflation.

Inflation is a sneaky blighter though.
Look at the last decade of the US Equity market.
- Adjusted for inflation, you could call this chart "how to lose 24% and still have to pay capital gains taxes."

Gee! Uncle Sammy wins again by collecting taxes on money lost!
- Heads he wins, tails you lose.

Happy days are here again!

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