Friday, 25 February 2011


Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 24th

Around the World in 80 Lines - Or Less

General Ordered Intelligence Team to Use Jedi Mind Tricks on U.S. Senators

Obama stimulus bill has new price tag

The Swiss have the right idea about firearms

Student accused of plotting to bomb Bush home

Jimmy Carter consoled Helen Thomas last summer after controversial remarks

Gaddafi's son leaves father to join protesters

Mosque surveillance a must

Flexisexuals: Straight women who kiss girls and like it too

Basic Instinct scene is most-paused

Prostitutes ply trade near dangerous buildings

Porn Crackers: Britons tongue-tied over takeaway

London shop to make breast milk ice cream

Why do women have casual sex?

Makes you proud to be British! As the Libyan rescue finally limps into action, Cameron and Hague apologise for fiasco, Clegg admits he forgot he was in charge and a minister gaffes over the SAS

How can we be so blindly stupid as to sell arms to despots then bleat about democracy?

Libya: Gaddafi's billions to be seized by Britain

Navy cuts will put lives at risk, warn Forces chiefs

Accidents at MoD cost £20m, including man burned by Christmas pud

Russian rearmament: Moscow fears China and Islamist insurgents

Moscow's purchase of French warships causes panic from Washington to Tokyo

Pakistani intelligence service warns relationship with CIA is at breaking point

Col Gaddafi's son 'in hiding on Venezuelan island'

The Precarious Rebellion: Eastern Libya's Taste of Freedom Tainted by Fear

and finally.........

Cracking the problem of hydrogen-fuel future by little Jimmy May

9 of the most secretly creepy breakfast cereal mascots


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