Sunday 27 February 2011

The Sunday Best..........

Budget cuts hit British military hard

China's Quest for Black Gold with Green Dollars

Marilyn Monroe fantasy: by Jack Benny

Rule 5 Saturday Night: A New Zealand Conservative – Rachel Hunter

It's Basically Over For Anglos

Camel tasered over car attack

Could Mideast revolutions spread to China?

150 years of London street photography

Sexual assault, drug possession and criminal damage: The 54 crimes at BBC HQ that bosses wanted to keep secret

The Great Swordfight of Sabratha: How Libyan freedom fighters clashed with Gaddafi's army with 2ft scimitars

SAS 'Blades' rescue 150: Crack team of commandos snatch terrified Britons from desert nightmare in war-torn Libya

North Korea threatens to attack South Korea, US

Ireland's new government on a collision course with EU

We must stand ready to intervene in Libya

African mercenaries in Libya nervously await their fate

Gun battles raging in Ivory Coast

The end of China's cheap denim dream

The Battle for Al-Bayda: Fighting for Freedom against Tanks, Mercenaries and Bombs

Iran to remove fuel from its first nuclear power plant

Stuxnet Part Deux

and finally......

Doc's Computin' Tips: Start Menu 7

Wild Growth in Extremist, Anti-Government Groups in America… Or Is There?

Muddy Boots

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Anonymous said...

TS - Thanks for the link, slugger. I have to admit, Win7 is amazingly faster than XP in ways, but I simply wasn't going to use it with that crappy Start Menu. It's a lot more limiting, configuration-wise, than XP, but speed counts for a lot.