Wednesday, 9 March 2011

An Appeal from New Zealand.........

Hello all,
Normally I fundraise for Rannerdale Veterans' Hospital, but in light of recent events I thought I'd combine a bit of business with pleasure.
I have an old horn that fell apart during an Ellerslie Flower Show gig, right on stage, and I haven't had use for it since.

As a professional horn player in the Christchurch Symphony I quickly got another, but this one has been sitting around for a long time!
I've always said I'd do something to it, but now seems so much more appropriate. I've listed it on TradeMe with the intention to raise funds for the relief efforts by acting out a boyhood dream.

A long time ago I watched an episode of M*A*S*H where in order to stop MJR Burns from practicing his Horn they ran it over with a jeep; I've always wanted a Jeep ever since I saw that! And now the dream can become a reality. I'm intending to do exactly the same with mine, film it and put it on Youtube along with footage of the handing over of the winning bid to the charity of the winner's choice. Andy, if you could film this in HD I'd be most grateful!
I've been filming my relief efforts for the earthquake disaster as proof of where people's donations go and this would be treated the same way as proof of honesty. For Example: HERE and

Anyway, its for a great cause, funny as all hell and the dearest wish of a professional chap who wants a few giggles.
Death of a French Horn for Earthquake relief

I hope you can pass this around to your contacts and make this a worthwhile event.
Bernie Shapiro


PacRim Jim said...

I recall that, during the Cold War, New Zealand would not let the U.S. Navy use its ports.
All I'll give New Zealand is a piece of advice: Go hat in hand to Russia. Perhaps they'll give you a few spare rubles.
This American remembers your anti-Americanism.

Murray said...

Go fuck yourself PacJim.

While you're there get a memory replacement, during the cold war our ports were full of US ships and it wasn't untill we got ourselves a left wing government in the 80's that our ports were closed to ALL nations ships that didn't make a statutory declaration in relation to our BS anti-nuke laws.

We were in WWI three years before you, WWII 18 months before you were forced to join in by the Japanese, we were with you in Korea and Viet Nam (where your entire dog handling arm was ttrained by the NZSAS), we're with you Afghanistan, didn't see you in Malaya or Indonesia and we cleaned up East Timor with the Australians without your help and didn't fucking bitch about it like a little girl who just had her dolly fall in the mub.

You're so welcome asshole.

This free history lesson come to you from Bernies former platoon sgt who has the worlds lowest bullshit threashold.

To the rest of you our second largest city has been devastated by our worst natural disaster ever. A lot of people dead, a lot are hurt. 10,0000 are now unlivable and many people are homeless. They need help, we seldom ask for it and we often give. Time is for throwing us a bone without being pissant armchiar winnyassed bitches.

Thank you for your attention.

Oswald Bastable said...

Oi!- we don't hold YOU responsible for your current president!

Murray said...

I do.

CT (Christopher Thomson) said...

We also had people on the ground at Iraq 1 and 2.

The question is, will PacJim pop up to acknowledge and maybe apologise?

Murray said...


Another well informed American shooting from the lip.