Tuesday, 29 March 2011

In Libya, Like Egypt, Obama Enables Islamist Takeover..........by Dan Friedman

Very few commentators on the Right are talking about the possible outcomes of Obama’s actions, and even fewer are highlighting their shaky Constitutionality. That’s what happens when Obama loyalists line up with conservative priapic “democracy-lovers” and the myopic Tea Partyers, who can’t see the world beyond our shores, bury their heads in the sand. df

It’s Not that Qaddafi Was Right, It’s that We Knew He Was Right


Cargosquid said...

Dan Friedman is wrong. It's not the Tea Party people supporting this Libyan fiasco. We're the ones asking where's the authority for this, why are we there, and how does he explain his support for islamists.

This is a Tea Party hit piece.

WV: theation Nation of Theos?

currently said...

I think Dan has been listening too much to the "conservative" democracy lovers that line up with the Obama loyalists.

His whole blurb is backwards, including the quotation marks.