Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Blowing Moby Dick

Who is Han Galt? A review of "The Fisherman's Catch"

Obama, Wright, Farrakhan, and Gaddafi

The Whiniest President Ever

Snake dies of silicone poisoning after biting model's 'enhanced' breast

Russia bans 'Putin-Med​vedev' vodka brand

Marine Le Pen told migrants they were not welcome in Europe

Millionair​es say $7 million not enough to be rich

Surgeon general to west coast: Hey, might be worth stocking up on iodide

Smart phone, dumb idea lands Idaho man in jail

Texas bank robber demands loot, shows 2 IDs

Police swoop on young sisters who picked daffodils in the park

Rule 5 Saturday Night Make Up: Kate Middleton Bikini Shots

Yes, nuclear power plants are dangerous. But for Britain, the alternative is to start hoarding candles

Libya: world leaders reject military intervention

Twin threats of Japan and Gulf stalk global recovery

Wealthy foreigners offered fast track to settle in Britain

Royal British Legion rejects Government plans for military covenant

US pays tribute to its last First World War veteran

France defends European Parliament's 'travelling circus'

Knee-high fence to halt poisonous Australian toads

No wonder the UK lags behind America: we're a bitter and broken nation

Why the life of milk men has gone sour

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa: 'The Beginning of an Epochal Development'

Stunning Tweets from Resistance Claim Kamikaze Defected Pilot Hero crashes into Gadaffi stronghold

Obama's Idea of Taking Action is Playing Golf

Japan Does Not Face Another Chernobyl

Federations Face Tough Questions About Ties to Left-Wing Groups

Five Marine Corps F-35Cs Units to Fly Off Navy Carriers

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